Net Zero by 2050 We're In!

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Canadian dairy farmers are naturally committed to caring for the environment, from the land and animals they tend to, to the water and air we all share. In Canada, dairy farms are typically passed down from generation to generation. Farmers are motivated to run their farms in the most efficient and sustainable way possible – to succeed as a business, and because it’s the right thing to do.

We're In!

Doing Our Part

At McCrea Farms we’ve always been proactive when it comes to the environment and how we farm.  We have an environmental farm plan which guides our activities with respect to handling of fuel, fertilizer, and manure storage as well as water, wildlife and fish considerations.  

The solar panels which were installed in 2021 are helping to offset our carbon footprint while also reducing our daily energy costs.  We have implemented various new techniques and forage species mixes over the past few years to produce high quality forages for our cattle while minimizing the amount of tillage and chemical fertilizers.

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